Edify Adventure Trip 2016

Once a year the Edify team goes on an adventure trip to relax and have a great time all together.


This year we went to the Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Atlantic park located 30 minutes after the Zurquí tunnel.


Everyone woke up early and got there before 8am. We had a delicious breakfast with one of the bestgallo pintosthat I have ever tried. At 9am we started our adventure by going through 11 Canopy lines. One of the most memorable one was a 700 meters long zipline that lasted more than 60 seconds to go through. We also had the opportunity to jump on a 60 minutes aerial tram trip thru the rainforest and got to see birds, snakes, different species of trees and even a big sloth scratching his b$%&s while hanging from a tree branch 🙂


After lunch we had a tour guide show us the different frogs and snakes that lives on the park. Afterwards, we headed back home but had a pit stop in a Bar in San Isidro of Heredia called “Las Juntas” where we closed our Edify Adventure Trip 2016 with some beers and tastybocas”.

These kind of activities are a way to sayThank you!” to everyone at Edify for being part of our team!

Lets start planning our 2017 Adventure!  #lindoEdify




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